Welcome to the Digital Promised Land

Christian.com, arguably the most recognizable name on the internet, will quickly become the number one social community platform for all faiths, patriots, & truth-seekers the world has ever seen.

Let’s be frank, these are unprecedented, extraordinary times.




Like it or not, we’re living in George Orwell’s 1984 reality. 

But…it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The Cavalry is coming soon

Divided We Fall

Red vs Blue
Right vs Left
Equality vs Equity

MSM vs Free Speech
Social Justice vs Liberty
Ai Algorithms vs Free Marketing

This is a ‘Social Dilemma’ on Steroids—a reality that faces us ALL.

The good news is:
Christian.com is not the answer for Christians only. 

It is THE answer for the entire world, from every tribe, kindred & peoples…of all faiths, all freedom-lovers, all truth-seekers!  ALL of us!

Facing the Giants

The Big Tech giants have risen to unimaginable power to form a virtual technocracy. The AI generated by these think-tanks is unparalleled & quickly enslaving everyone in its path with mind-altering algorithms.

Particularly vulnerable are those who engage in Social Media.

No one is out of reach
No one is safe
No one can escape…until now.

Christian.com will not only rival the Fakebooks of social media, but it will crush it with its own unique & secure online social community. Free speech, faith & truth will be respected & encouraged, giving no room to propaganda. 

This isn’t just another media platform; it’s a community!

Q1 2022

Phase 1

Social Media Platform Beta launch.

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Phase 2

Enterprise Level Platform Beta launch.

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Phase 3

Christian.com Membership platform open to the public.

Q3 2022

There are at least two sides to every story.

“The first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward & cross-examines” ~Proverbs 18:17

The appeal of the global agenda is to the ego’s need to be right. This is why their plan is so effective with seemingly little effort. Dumb-down enough generations, convince them they’re right, & voila! A brood of useful idiots is born to advance their cause.

We can no longer have reasonable debate.
We can no longer have factual discourse.
We can no longer agree to disagree.

Christian.com believes there are many sides to any given topic, & as such, many of our podcasts will be the ‘kitchen table’ around which honest, real dialogue leads to a better understanding of world events.

Expect to hear from secular & faith-based experts within a wide range of fields sharing what’s “really happening” in the world today, & the strategies you need to face an uncertain future with confidence.

Why is the truth so hard to find today?

In short, the NWO doesn’t want you to know it.
That STOPS here.


Manufactured Stories


Actual True Reports

Today’s mainstream media no longer reports the news; they manufacture it, exploiting the mis-educated masses to think precisely what they want.

This happens on the Left, the Right & in between. So much so, it’s hard to know what’s true & what’s not anymore.

Christian.com will quickly become the world’s purveyor of unbiased news to truth-seekers & outlets that simply want authenticity. No commentary, no spin, just the fact-dripping truth.

Free speech is about to be banned—globally.

Free Speech is not a government endowment. It’s an inalienable right bestowed upon us by our Creator alone. In their aim for power & control, globalists must purge God from existence, an endeavor that inevitably requires suppressing & oppressing any free speech that leads truth-seekers to God.

This, too, STOPS here & now.

With Big Tech whoring their skills to the globalist agenda, we’re witnessing the mother of assaults on free speech the likes of which the world has never seen. And yet, even this level of censorship doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the persecution Christians are suffering around the world daily.

Christian.com is responding to this Social Dilemma with open, end-to-end encrypted communication with zero censorship & absolutely zero possibility of being silenced, ex-communicated or shut down. Within this tight, security framework, global truth-seekers from all walks of life will enjoy a community where truth is respected & freedom of speech is encouraged.

Persecution: are YOU ready for it?

The Pew Research Center lists Christians as the most harassed faith in the world.

Anyone daring to question the censors stands in opposition to the global agenda & is swiftly punished with labels, censorship, & the unconstitutional application of the law. If you want justice, law & order, election integrity, fact-based science, & Godly morals & values reflected in society, persecution is coming.

Fact: casinos & strip clubs are open for business; churches are not. We are globally under attack in ways the world has never seen, throwing us back into the dark ages.

will create a Digital Promised Land—a refuge for the persecuted to access the support & tools to stand against the increasing persecution of faith-based people everywhere.

Through our Patriot Store, members receive 10% over cost on everything from survival foods & instruction, generators, anti-5G devices, to a home delivery system for food staples during times of crisis.


Is it even possible to debate “real” heath outside of legalized drug dealing & surgery? Not without a safe-harbor platform like Christian.com

If you’re a Conscientious Objector to the scientifically-proven modification of your RNA via the ‘safe’ COVID vaccine, you must be a selfish anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist. But, are you? Maybe, you’re an honest truth-seeker.

Do you question if GMO food is safe & whether the company that created Agent Orange & Roundup (now controlling most of the world’s food supply) has your best health in mind?

Do you believe the corporate profit-driven food pyramid is healthy? There are plans underway to take away ALL MEAT, eliminate Organic Foods, & criminalize Alternative Health Providers.

How can you escape this without millions of us working together on a single platform?

Christian.com will provide access to the most trusted in health care, from research to regimens to professionals & NEVER censor the truth, no matter how hard the globalists fight back.

Made In the USA

How many things do you own that were made in America? ‘Made in the USA’ used to be a badge of honor, representing skill & quality, but now it’s a disgrace to those who’ve lost pride in their origins simply because they’ve been taught a 1619 Project version of history.

Christian.com is proud of our history, our founders, & our Constitutional roots, & we respect our American workers. In an effort to support & protect capitalism in our economy, we will utilize a custom tool that leverages your buying power by vetting vendors with pro-American values.

You will be able to effortlessly cancel anti-American vendors & register with pro-American vendors who support your rights, freedoms, & values.

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching!

~ Gandhi

We have more information more quickly at our disposal than at any other time in history; & yet, the world is literally dripping with mass confusion & chaos. Sadly, many faith-based organizations only add to the hysterical hype.

Christian.com won’t be another information whoremonger, pandering ideals & cliches from ivory towers & waffling fences. No! We practice what we preach & teach others to do the same. We take Jesus’ Great Commission to ‘disciple the nations’ seriously which is why we will literally intern you through the process.

Christian.com will offer many development opportunities from Personal Growth & Counseling to Coaching for Life, Business & Entrepreneurs, as well as Biblical Leadership Training that will include an Ordination Program.

We believe that practicing what you’ve learned is the only way to be better neighbors, better citizens, better people & create a better life & a better world!

The Digital Promised Land Membership

In addition to all the Digital Promised Land features described above, your membership will also include the NIV Live Bible app along with a photo ID card & a copy of your Constitutional Rights.

The NIV Live Bible App is a multi-sensory, cinematic digital masterpiece of the Bible with 3D enhanced Hollywood sound effects. It features famous actors & notable personalities who create powerful performances that will engage your heart & mind.

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